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Download AeroWitter

Download AeroWitter. In this article, I will introduce you to a new mod Twitter app. Twitter was created in 2006 by Cek Dori and Cüli. 6 years after its creation, it has reached 500 million active users. Twitter has also been called the ‘SMS of the Internet’ by users. The name of the Twitter mode I will talk about in this article is AeroWitter. If you want to proceed with the download without reading the details about the application, scroll up the page and click the ‘DOWNLOAD AEROWITTER’ button. I believe AeroWitter will be preferred by many Twitter users very quickly. Thanks to this application, you can have many features that are not on the official Twitter. Now come and download AeroWitter Let’s get to know him in detail before we go. You can also review other Android applications on our site.

What is AeroWitter? Download AeroWitter

If you ask what is AeroWitter, this application has more features than the official Twitter application. Thanks to these interesting features, it provides privileges to its users. This app was created and developed by Turkish developer Hazar Bozkurt. This is not Hazar Bozkurt’s first project. You can also browse through two more applications of Hazar Bozkurt on our site. These apps are Insta Aero and WhatsApp Aero. Among the AeroWitter features, download videos and photos, hide what I see fleets, hide what I see messages features are used more frequently. AeroWitter has 2 installation packages available. Unclone and Clone. Which of these packages to download, AeroWitter download and the installation instructions you can decide. AeroWitter has 9 colors including the default color. So you can download and install your AeroWitter in the color you want. I list these color options for you below.

  1. Blue (default)
  2. Gold
  3. Red
  4. extra dark
  5. coral pink
  6. Green
  7. light tone
  8. bright purple
  9. bright pink

Instructions for download and install AeroWitter: Download AeroWitter

  1. Your device must have Android operating system.
  2. Required Android version 5.0+.
  3. Your device must have at least 150-200mb of free space.
  4. AeroWitter has 2 installation packages ‘unclone’ and ‘clone’ (no difference in features).
  5. If you don’t want to remove the official Twitter from your device, you have to download the ‘clone’ package.
  6. You can download the ‘unclone’ package if you uninstall the official Instagram on your device.
  7. Now click on the ‘DOWNLOAD AEROWITTER’ button on the page to proceed to download AeroWitter.
  8. On the next page, click on the desired package (unclone or clone) button.
  9. On the next page, choose the color you like and click on it.
  10. On the next page, click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button again to download aerowitter apk file.
  11. After downloading, click on the aerowitter apk file you downloaded and install the application.
  12. If asked permission from Unknown Sources at installation time, give permission and continue the installation by clicking the back button on the phone.
  13. If the installation is finished, your AeroWitter is now ready! You can enjoy all the features by logging into the app with your account.

Some features of AeroWitter:

  • Hide that I see the Fleets

Fleets owners are never informed that you are viewing their fleets. In this way, you can view their fleets without the fleets owners knowing.

  • Hide that I’ve seen messages

The message owners are not informed that you have seen their message, in other words “Seen”.

  • Hide typing

It hides the icons that indicate that you are typing in your chats. People will never know that you are texting while you are texting.

  • Remove banner in explore

Removes the top banner/event notification in explore. Refresh your discovery for the changes to take effect.

  • Download videos, images and GIFs

Thanks to the application, you can download all videos, pictures and GIFs with one click.

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Some information about AeroWitter:

  • App name: AeroWitter
  • Operating system: Android 5.0+
  • Installation package: Unclone and Clone
  • Developer: Hazar Bozkurt
  • File size and type: 78.3mb / APK
  • Latest version: v2.1
  • Last update Date: 1-September-2022

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Changes to AeroWitter latest version v2.1 and v2.0:


  • Reverted to the old style in colored AeroWitter versions and minor bug fixes for all apks.


  • Updated Twitter base version to 9.55.0-release.0
  • SPECIALLY Added: Remove ads option.

Removes sponsored ads on Twitter.

  • Added: Remove social contexts in homepage option.

It prevents Twitter from suggesting various things on your homepage based on your likes or the content you follow.

  • Added: Remove social contexts in explore/search page option.

It prevents Twitter from suggesting various things on your discover/search page based on your likes or the content you follow.

  • Added: Remove promoted users to follow in box option.

Removes sponsored users from the follow box.

  • Added: Remove promoted trending hashtags option.

Removes trending hashtags promoted from the discover/search page.

  • Added: Remove link analysis option.

Removes the “?t=” tag from the links you copied. The “?t=” tag on links you copy is used by Twitter to monitor and analyze link activity.

  • Added: Option to change pull sound.
  • Added: Option to change refresh sound.
  • Added: Many sound options (including old original Twitter sounds) to pull sound options and refresh sound options.
  • Added: Option to change AeroWitter button design.
  • Added: Added extra details about APK to About page.
  • Improved: Minor design improvements for AeroWitter Settings.
  • Improved: Color versions of AeroWitter have been improved.

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