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Download App Cloner. In this article, I will introduce you to an application with which you can easily clone your applications. Sometimes we need to clone any app we have on our phone. If you ask what is cloning, cloning simply means creating 2 or more applications from one application. For example, you can make 2 or more from the Instagram application on your phone. But for this we need a cloning application. One of these applications is App Cloner. If you want to download App Cloner without reading the instruction and other details, you can download app cloner apk file from the download app cloner button.

What is App Cloner?

If you’re wondering what is App Cloner, you can use App Cloner to create and install multiple copies of your existing apps. App Cloner is the only multi-account app that creates true, standalone, downloadable clones. In my personal opinion, I can say that App Cloner is the best among existing cloning applications. One of the best things I like is that even when you remove App Cloner from your phone, the apps it cloned still work. App Cloner is not available on Play Market. So download App Cloner as apk file, we have to install it manually. If you wish, you can download the app cloner apk file from the official site or from the download app cloner button on this page.

Download and install App Cloner:

  1. Your device must have Android operating system.
  2. Required Android version 4.1+.
  3. The phone must have at least 100-150mb of free memory space.
  4. Click on the button named download app cloner to start the download.
  5. Click the DOWNLOAD button on the next page and download the app cloner apk.
  6. After downloading, click on the app cloner apk file you downloaded and install it.
  7. If asked for permission from Unknown Sources at installation time, give permission and continue with the installation.
  8. If the installation is finished, App Cloner is ready. You can open the application and clone as many times as you want.

Some apps that cannot be cloned:

Unfortunately, not all apps can be cloned. Cloned apps may crash, show errors, or malfunction.

App certificate dependent features such as Google logins, Google Play Services, Google Drive Google Play Games, or in-app purchases will not work.

Cloning an application changes its certificate, so if the application validates the certificate or uses advanced copy protection, the clone may not work. I list below which apps cannot be cloned.

  • AliExpress
  • Days
  • eBay (still works before Android 8.0)
  • Evernote
  • GCash
  • Tut
  • What?
  • Lazada
  • HAS
  • OneDrive
  • THIS
  • Pokemon GO
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Trello
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp (please clone GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp instead)
  • WeChat

Most Google apps (but Chrome, Gmail and YouTube work fine with some limitations)

Most Microsoft apps (but Skype and LinkedIn work fine)

Some information about the application:

  • App name: App Cloner
  • Operating system: Android 4.1+
  • Developer: AppListo
  • File size and type: 31.6mb / APK
  • Latest version: v2.14.8
  • Last updated date: 14-July-2022

App Cloner Premium:

Premium version supports 20 clones. You can donate to support development and unlock 1000 clones. Some more intrusive options and features are linked to donations (see details). Premium version required for all donations. Large donations DO NOT include smaller donations. App Cloner purchases and donations can be used on up to 10 devices. The purchase is valid for one year and is not automatically renewed. All product and brand names mentioned above are the property of their respective owners (AppListo

Changes in App Cloner latest version v2.14.9:

  • Bugs fixes & improved cloning

Changes in App Cloner v2.14.8:

  • Silent mode for SOCKS proxy option
  • Bug fixes

Changes in App Cloner version v2.14.7:

  • New identity Tasker plugin
  • Allow disabling notification cloning compatibility mode
  • New actions for ‘exit timer’ automation option
  • Support for custom Scandit SDK license keys
  • Bug fixes

Changes in App Cloner version v2.14.6:

  • Combined all ad identifier related options into a single ‘Change ad identifiers’ option
  • Identity and tracking option ‘Hide DNS servers’
  • ‘Change WebView User-Agent’ option improvements
  • Configure whether the clone restarts automatically when you tap the ‘new identity’ notification
  • OS option ‘Slide to close’
  • Allow legacy hooks when creating clock apps on newer Android versions
  • Shortcut to enable legacy hooks option when making clock apps
  • The ‘Manage devices’ screen shows the make and model of the device
  • App Cloner Discord server is now online
  • Updated several translations
  • Bug fixes

Changes in App Cloner version v2.14.5:

  • ‘Randomize build props’ option can use a device database of 10K devices
  • ‘Build’ option allows customization of device display name
  • You can disable the rules in the ‘Change views’ and ‘Auto push buttons’ options.
  • ‘Exit timer’ option
  • Batch launch cloned apps
  • Improvements for the ‘new identity’ menu item
  • Random volume range for ‘Adjust volume on startup’
    Option ‘Toast prefix’
  • New placeholder syntax
  • Placeholder support for ‘Welcome message’ and ‘Remote greeting’ options
  • Silent mode for ‘Do Garbage Collection’ option
  • ‘Copy text’ button for ‘System property check’ option
  • Clone option ‘Skip asset files’
  • Open APK files directly from file managers
  • ‘Custom code’ option supports Java on Android 5.0+
  • Bug fixes

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